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How do I fix loose, sagging upholstery fabric on the ceiling of my car?


So, yep, the fabric on the ceiling of my car has been progressively sagging and loosening for the last year or so. Now it sits on my head as I drive--what a pain!

I need someone experienced to explain a permanant method to get this fabric stuck back on the ceiling.

Experienced answers only please. I could think of safetypins, staples and thumbtacks on my own.
This is a 1996 Volvo sedan.

First you have to tell me what brand,make,model and year.
Lets say it is a 1995 Honda Civic, 2dr. No Sunroof.
First, remove the Sun Visors. Then any overhead console and lights. Next you may have to remove the Seat Belts from the shoulder harness part.
Now pull or remove all the molding around the windows and any molding that supports the Headliner Shell.
Now remove the headliner shell. Usually takes two people to do this and not break the shell.
This shell I am talking about use to be made of compressed cardboard stuff, on newer models it is a stiff foam. So be very carefull not to crack or break it.
If it is cracked or broken, it can be easily repaired as it is purely a cosmetic piece and serves no mechanical functions.
Now pull that headliner shell out of the Front Passenger side door, carefully.
The seats should be reclined for that step.
Place the shell on a flat surface, 4x6 plywood on sawhorses works.
Carefully remove the old ratty fabric. There will be foam left on the shell, use a wire brush to remove that.
Get some upholstery glue, for one headliner an areosol can will work.
Now go to a fabric outlet or upholstery shop and buy the matching headliner material, enough to fit +2feet.
All vehicles are about the same width, so it is the lenght that is the crucial measurment. Leave yourself about 2' to play with, you will be using this later.
After the shell has been cleaned by hand with a stiff brush, place the fabric on it, use a pair of very sharp shears to trim along the edges, poke holes in the attatchment and access points, then set aside.
Apply the Contact Cement or Upholstery Glue to the shell, and then to the rolled out fabric, foamy side.
Wait three minutes.
Carefully place the headliner material onto the shell, I work from back to front.
Took me about 1 year of doing that with a 30 year veteran before I could do one solo and correctly.
Now, carefully put it back in the auto, fabric side down,attatch four most outer points. Push and hold it up and reattach all that stuff you took off in the opposite order of the way you removed it.
Use that 2' extra and do the visors.
This job will take about $900+ in hand and power tools to do.
An upholstery shop might charge from $100-$500 to do that, I suggest paying it and letting them do it correctly.

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