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How easy is it to replace an Alienware desktop processor?

I'm thinking of buying an Alienware area 51 ALX at the lowest price (because they suck default) selling all the spare parts and buying the parts I want. I just wanted to know how simple is it to replace the motherboard AND processor? Two separate questions really, Thanks.
Edit - I am talking about a DESKTOP. And I'm thinking about buying a case and parts, but this is the better looking option.

lol at above answers.

If you have done it before then its easy.
I was wary at first when i did my 1st upgrade of a new motherboard but i progressed to building my pc's which is quite easy. Many forums online and guides on doing it.

As for your question, it can be done but seems pointless. Why dont you have a go at buiding it from scratch.

An Antec 900 or 1200 case would be alot better as a staring point

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