1450 Case

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would a pelican 1450 be good for holding a d3100 and an extra lens or 2?

im looking for a pelican case to house my d3100 and a lens or two and i dont need a big case or anything just enough to hold a few lenses and the camera.

The size is perfectly adequate. The reviews at this camera store include one from a guy who uses the 1450 to carry a Canon 5D with 2 lenses - the 5D is a larger camera: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/75512-REG/Pelican_1450_000_110_1450_Case_with_Foam.html

It's a nice case, I'm sure... if you expect your gear will tumble 500 feet down a cliff into a river. In most other situations a regular camera bag is more practical.

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