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What do I bring to highschool?

I'll be a freshman in highschool and I start july 26.

What things will I need? What essential things should i carry around? Both academic wise and not. Also, i have PE, what should i bring for that(btw, i'm a girl if you couldn't tell.) i just want to be prepared! Thanks for any help!

Okay... I'll start with what you have to bring on the FIRST day specifically:

-A plastic folder with pockets (will hold handouts you'll get from teachers the first day)
-lined paper (put it in your folder. Use it to write notes you may have to do.)
-a pen
-comfy shoes (no high heels! You want to feel comfortable your first day)
-MP3 player to listen to in the morning (calms nerves, gives you something to do.)
-book to read (magazine, novel, whatever,) You may have a mandatory reading period at your school.
-A totebag to carry your stuff in
-lunch or lunch money
-If you have a cell phone, feel free to bring it, but DO NOT take it out in class. They'll take it from you for the day. Put it on silent (not vibrate, you'll still hear it in class.)
-Don't worry about your PE clothes for the first day. Bring those the next day or once you have a locker to put them in.
-Don't bring all your supplies on the first day, not until you have a locker assigned to put them in! You won't need them for the first day, trust me.

OKAY, now to school supplies in general:

-have a binder (1" is good enough) for each of your major classes, like Math, English, Science, etc.
-Have duotangs, folders, or a small binder for other classes, such as French, Music, etc.
-pens (black, blue, and if you like to colour code your notes, buy a pack of coloured pens.)
-white out.
-black sharpie
-lots of lined paper (keep in each binder, or in locker.)
-scientific calculator!
-planner (your school may give out agendas, if not, buy one. They're SO important!)
-pencil case
-dividers for binder
-post it notes


-sports bra
-makeup (of you wear it)
-running shoes or cross trainers
-bobby pins/hair elastics

And... random things to have in your backpack, locker, or totebag:

(First of all, totebags are cute, but I recommend a backpack. Totbags REALLY hurt your shoulders, give you back problems, and are often too small for everything you need to carry around in high school. If you don't like backpacks, try messenger bags.)
-hand sanitizer
-wallet/some change
-pocket mirror
-MP3 player (if you listen to music a lot.)
-phone (if you have one)
-deodourant or body spray
-house keys

That's all I could think of for now... hope this helps, I know it's a lot of reading, but they're some pretty useful lists (I'm using them myself!) But your teachers WILL tell you what they want you to bring if they have any specific requirements.

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