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Primary physician doesn't accept car accident injury?

I got hit by another car from back. We got insured by Allstate. I have HMO health insurance. I have pain in my neck and back. My primary physician office says they don't accept patient related to car accident even though He IS MY PRIMAY PHYSICIAN. I had to go to urgent care, but they didn't accept me either. They sent me another place calle MedSpa. The place looks not reliable. They do hair removal and facial massage too. I want to get treated well by specialist doctor. Is this normal? This procedure makes me very mad.

The main reason why doctors and many other health care professionals do not accept personal injury/no fault (PI/NF) is because of payment issues and the headaches that goes with filling out the paperwork (think IRS tax forms). Depending on what state, it either pays decent or lousy. In NY, I don't take No Fault (car accidents fall under no fault) due to low payment.

You may consult with your car insurance company to see which doctor they have on their list accepts PI/NF cases. You can also file a complaint to your state, state insurance board, and the attorney general to try to have the laws changed.

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