Padded Dividers

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Is a Sundowner horse trailer are qualitly horse trailers?

2000 Sundowner 3H slant load trailer with collapsible tack in back and large tack in front.
Radial tires used for one haul across a few states.
Ready to drive anywhere!
Has 6 bridle hooks, a blanket bar, interior lights.
The horse area is a step up, rubber mats, interior lights, rear loading lights, 3 roof vents, rubber lined walls, padded dividers, first horse escape door, collapsable rear tack with 3 swing out saddle rack.
Steel frame with aluminum body. Owners manual included is it any good?????

Sundowner horse trailers are the safest and most convenient horse trailers on the road. The price for a two horse trailer starts at about $10,000 while a four horse trailer can start at approx. $47,000. They are very good trailers and have a very high consumer rating. Some can come equiped with sleeping quarters and a bathroom which can cost considerably more, depending on the features you want.
Owners manual does come with it and if you buy a new one, your sales person will tell you all the features and make sure you understand all features. Good luck

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