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I'm going to Black Friday this year, I'm wondering if you have any tips for me?

Hi, my name is Cat. I am going to Black Friday this year at Best Buy and Walmart. I am going to go to Best Buy at 12AM on Friday. And I am going to Walmart at 5AM on Friday too. At Best Buy, I am going to buy the 40" Tobisha. Do you think I will get the TV???? And at Walmart I want to buy a: DSI XL, a Ematic 7" Tablet and a MP3 player. If not, what time should I get there??? And how does Black Friday work at Walmart????

Thank You, Cat

Do I think you'll get the TV on Black Friday? No. Most Black Friday offers only apply to 1 or 2 physical items per store. If you're #3 in line or later, you pretty much are going to miss out.

As for the stuff in general, unless you need something as a gift, it's generally better to just wait until January. Why? Because the 2013 models of most electronics, like phones and TVs, get announced at CES - the big trade show that happens every year just after New Years. As a result, all the stores immediately try to get rid of their 2012 stuff that didn't sell marking it down. All of it. So if you miss Black Friday on that TV, well, they're all going to get marked down in January. In fact, Christmas time is the worst time to buy a TV because, except for the doorbusters, everything is at full price. Same goes for the tablet and MP3 player.

As for the DSi XL, its price is unlikely to change as its set by Nintendo - not the stores. Even the bundles will continue to be available throughout Christmas so unless there's a real need to get it *now* just go in later.

I know it's tempting but honestly once you analyze the prices and the stores' strategies you realize Black Friday is mostly a sham. A bunch of stuff gets marked up to full price so they can say "25% off!" actually what it was selling for BEFORE Black Friday. Stores are tricky that way...they want your money.

As for Black Friday at Walmart, well if last year was any indication, it doesn't work very well.
Step 1: Pack in around the doors pushing and shoving to get into position.
Step 2: Burst into the store!
Step 3: Run for the area you're targeting. Be sure to throw some elbows to take out competitors.

1: Pepper spray can help thin the crowd.
2: Do not fall. You will never get back up again.

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