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bottle neck guitar slide???????????

what else can i use to make a bottle neck guitar slide ,besides a bottle?

I have used:
polished plumbing pipe, solid metal tubes, pieces of a bike handle, metal ball point pen, wine glass, mike stand and others. Anything that is solid, polished and not bendable. My favorite is the glass, it is light and easy to glide. They really are cheap to buy, only $5. at most music stores. Some like the solid, less liquidy sound of metal, great for hard blues. I use the glass for songs like Free Bird, and some Hendrix and Ray, but use the metal for Joe Perry,George T and other heavy Riffs. If you just want to simulate the sound, but not the action, there are Boss pedals that can do it. Also, keep the bridge high so the strings don't resonate on the frets below you you bottle neck, common problems with most guitarist. Have Fun!!!

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