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What is the best fish to buy as a beginner for a cold-water tank?

I'd like to set up a 'mini-tank' rather than big aquarium. I would consider goldfish but don't like the amount of waste they produce and a friend told me there are other alternatives eg ?betta? How much would I expect to pay and what would a 'starter kit' include. Do I have to maintain the water at a specific temperature?

A cold water mini tank you could house a few white cloud minnows. Betta are tropical fish and need to be in a heated tank that stays around 76-82 F at all times. A starter tank that is 10 gallons that comes with a filter, hood and lights will cost almost $30 at Walmart. Then the gravel is extra. If you want a Betta you can purchase a heater for around $8-$12 and then you could house other tropical fish in it such as swordtails, platies, and tetras.

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