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Ghost shrimp has picky eating habits?

Ok so I have a community tank with 3 platys, neon tetras a bamboo shrimp and 2 ghost shrimp. I was finally able to get the two ghost shrimp to eat today (I had to hand feed them) but one was not eating. He's acting kind of weird lately and he wouldn't move much and looks dead most of the time. Anyway today I fed my tank frozen bloodworms and he gobbles them up like he hasn't seen food in his life before :P

I'm glad that he's finally eating again, but if that's the only thing he WILL eat, I may have to put him in the Solitary Confinement tank to get his eating back together again (yes the SC tank is meant to be small)

he stopped eating because he is about to molt dont worry thought if a shrimp got hungry it will eat whatever it can see dead or alive. hope this helps

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