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Another horse survey!?

1. What color is the horse you ride?
2. What color halter and lead rope do you use?
3. What color is your tack?
4. What color is your saddle pad?
5. Do you use boots? Color?
6. How many years have you been riding?
7. Do you own any horses?
8. Do you board you horse, or own a barn?
9. What's your favorite breed?
10. What treats do you use?

Thanks. :)

yay. FUN! haha color much?

1. grey
2. navy halter/ aqua lead rope
3. brown saddle, brown bridle, brown martingale (though I love black and I'm gettign that next!)
4. my saddle pad is pink and purple plaid. More pink than purple. You can see what it looks like in my video at the bottom.
5. Yes I use boots. Black paddock boots for riding, for showing, black tall boots.
6. almost 3 years
7. I own a TB gelding named Wyatt
8. I board my horse
9. This is a hard one. Hmm, Either graceful arabs, or spunky long legged TB's. They are both beautiful in diffferent ways. I love friesians too. They are drop dead gorgeous.
10. Peeps. the little marshmallow things.
yes. those. Wyatt might die, without them. haha.

Here are two videos I made of me and wyatt!

Hope I helped! Best of luck!

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