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What is the oldest kind of lollipop?

I wanna know what is the oldest kind of lolipop there is and also I would like to know the newest kind too.

"The first candy on a stick, according to the National Confectionary Association, was probably created by cavemen who maintained beehives and collected honey by stick. Not wanting to waste the sweet residue, they, most likely, licked the utensil and thus the first unintentional lollipop, or, candy on a stick, was born.

It has been reported and verified through archeological discoveries that ancient Arabs, Chinese and Egyptians produced fruit and nut confections which were "candied" in honey which served as a preservative. Due to the nature of the sticky substance, recent discoveries have hinted that sticks were inserted into these treats to make them easier to eat.

In the middle ages in Europe, sugar was an imported luxury item thus making candy extremely expensive. As such, it was enjoyed by nobility and the very wealthy. In order to make this delicacy last longer, sugar was boiled and formed into hard blocks. Although this might be considered the advent of bulk candy, it is reported that candy treats were made complete with sticks and ornate handles.

In the 17th Century, as sugar became plentiful, it was considered a delicacy in England to enjoy boiled sugar candy treats. In order to make them easier to eat, a stick was inserted. By looking at the definition, linguists have surmised that the term "lollipop" may have been derived from street vendors in London during the age of Charles Dickens. "

Newest - as in newest there are companies making different types everyday I saw one that was bacon flavored

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