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need advice on buying 1st kilt?

im from the states and was wanting to buy my family clan tarten kilt was woundering if i should go with a 13oz or 16oz. there are ones with belts or velcro. so any one that has kilts please what would be just a all around kilt to go out in and plus i live in ohio so the season change so any advice and were is a good place to buy i did some looking.

It's like anything else, you start small and build up. You're first kilt should be well within your budget, not the premiere handmade kilt that will cost so much you will be scared to wear it much. I would start with a cheap Stillwater Kilt. Learn the ropes, learn how to wear one (which is not as easy as it seems), how to get around in it, how to sit, repair little snags, walk up stairs, how much wind is too much to be commando in, basically all the things most Americans who are not accustomed to dealing with in Kilts, and even Scottish for that matter as many do not wear except for special occasion.

Then when you are feeling good about that, have some implements bought like a couple of sporrans, one for causal, one for dress, consider moving up to say a USA Kilt. These are a little better, a little more durable. Most are PV, basically a synthetic wool. Being your second kilt, you will advance into all kinds of better kilt techniques such is to roll and store your kilt. Start collecting pins, shoes, and even start investing in jackets and vest for the kilt. This is often the time when you start to venture out in public, so learning how to wear all the implements (again, not as easy as it looks) correctly.

If you still love Kilts after that, invest in the big one, and you will love to wear it, and wear it often as you will know how to actually care and look good in it.

If you are going to wear the kilt during warm weather, definitely the 13 oz. A 16 oz is miserable in warm weather. Think about dressing up in a suit and walking around all day, outside in 80, 90 or even 100 degrees. That large hole under your legs does not make it any cooler. Ideally, you will build up summer kilts and winter kilts if you fall in love with them enough, so figure where you want to start wearing, and buy that weight.

Velcro is the hallmark of a cheap kilt. This is not bad, and as your first kilt not bad to have. Especially until you get your buckling down to where it's not too tight, as many want to racket down belts to where the fabric is pulling, something that is okay in pants, not smart in a kilt. Here again, learning opportunities with every aspect of the kilt.

Do not worry about clan tartan at first. There is plenty of time for that after you get comfortable with the kilt. Many say to be authentic you have to be in your clan. Trust me, this is not entirely true unless you show up to a Burn's Night with a specific clan where there is a chief of some sort. Otherwise, no one will care except for you when have damaged a $500+ kilt because you were more concerned about being authentic too soon. Most of the cheaper machine made kilts come in district tartan if family names bother you. At first, I would buy what looks good, as you will feel better and be more confident. So many make the mistake of spending so much time and energy on things that are a waste of time and energy, and once they begin to feel silly, and that is really easy to do in a kilt in public, that had you gone with what makes you feel good would add to the confidence. The more confidence, through the giggles is actually more impressive than the kilt sometimes. Learning how to not let that get to you is a big part of it. That's the mark of a tough person, and why you will not see many gays running around in them, because it takes a brave person to stand out. Especially if you live in areas not known for gays. I find it ironic that many think you have to be gay in this day and age to don the Kilt. That or be a piper just at parades.

Once you are ready for your big kilt, try J Higgins, they have the best price on hand sewns. I would not start here first. Work your way up if you want to really learn it. Join the forums such as BotK and XmarkstheScot. There is far more support than what's at Yahoo Answers.

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